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Most Popular Datasets

Data NameData TypeDate PublishedLink
Access to Information RequestsTabular2016-01-20View File(s)
Provincial and Regional Population ProjectionsTabular2014-12-31View File(s)
Sources of Income and TaxationTabular2014-12-31View File(s)
Volunteer and Non-Profit Sector CensusTabular2015-06-03View File(s)
Health RegionsSpatial2014-12-31View File(s)
Boil Water AdvisoriesTabular2015-08-17View File(s)
Weather Station Climate Monitoring DataTabular2015-03-17View File(s)
Public LibrariesSpatial2013-12-13View File(s)
Ferry On-Time Records: Gaultois - McCallum - HermitageTabular2014-01-09View File(s)
Ferry On-Time Records: Rencontre East - Bay L'Argent - Pool's CoveTabular2014-01-09View File(s)
Community to Community DistancesTabular2014-03-19View File(s)
Deaths by AgesTabular2014-03-19View File(s)
Crime by Offence TypeTabular2014-03-19View File(s)
Hospital MorbidityTabular2013-12-09View File(s)
Population EstimatesTabular2013-12-09View File(s)
HospitalsSpatial2013-12-13View File(s)
Economic ZonesSpatial2014-12-30View File(s)
Licensed Fish ProcessorsTabular2014-01-03View File(s)
Ferry On-Time Records: Francois - Grey River - BurgeoTabular2014-03-19View File(s)
New Motor Vehicle Registrations, 2004 - 2012Tabular2014-02-10View File(s)
Income Support BenefitsTabular2013-12-04View File(s)
Ferry On-Time Records: Fogo Island - Change Islands - FarewellTabular2014-03-19View File(s)
Ferry On-Time Records: Ramea - Grey River - BurgeoTabular2013-12-13View File(s)
Ferry On-Time Records: South East Bight - Petit ForteTabular2013-12-13View File(s)
Ferry On-Time Records: St. Brendan's - BurnsideTabular2013-12-13View File(s)
Health CentresSpatial2013-12-06View File(s)
Births by Age of MotherTabular2014-03-19View File(s)
Provincial CourtTabular2013-12-09View File(s)
Ferry TerminalsSpatial2013-12-02View File(s)
Arts and Culture CentresSpatial2013-12-13View File(s)
Ferry On-Time Records: LaPoile - Rose BlancheTabular2014-01-07View File(s)
Ferry On-Time Records: Charlottetown - Norman Bay - Williams Harbour - Port Hope SimpsonTabular2014-03-19View File(s)
Ferry On-Time Records: Bell Island - Portugal CoveTabular2014-03-19View File(s)
Land Use Referrals to the Provincial Archaeology OfficeTabular2014-09-23View File(s)
Rural Secretariat RegionsSpatial2014-12-31View File(s)
Municipalities and Local Service DistrictsSpatial2014-12-31View File(s)
Remoteness Index ClassificationsSpatial2014-12-31View File(s)
Municipal Operating Grant AllocationsTabular2015-02-06View File(s)
Wildlife LicencesTabular2015-09-28View File(s)
Wildlife Population MetricsTabular2015-09-28View File(s)
Public Water Supplies ListingTabular2015-03-20View File(s)
Provincial Electoral Districts (2015)Spatial2015-06-12View File(s)
Wildlife PermitsTabular2015-09-28View File(s)
Conviction Statistics - Motor Registration DivisionTabular2015-09-28View File(s)
Stratification of Personal Income Taxfilers by Taxable IncomeTabular2015-09-28View File(s)
Number of Children and Youth in Receipt of Behavior Management Services Provided by CYFSTabular2015-09-28View File(s)
Detailed Occupation Projections for Newfoundland and LabradorTabular2015-09-28View File(s)
Septic System Designers and Designs SubmittedTabular2015-09-28View File(s)
Electrical Permits IssuedTabular2015-09-28View File(s)
Mining Industry Average EmploymentTabular2015-09-28View File(s)
Expense Per CapitaTabular2015-09-28View File(s)
RevenuesTabular2015-09-28View File(s)
Accessible Parking PermitsTabular2015-09-28View File(s)
Staffed Residential PlacementsTabular2015-09-28View File(s)
Community Enhancement Employment Program Annual Project List and Funding ProvidedTabular2015-09-28View File(s)
Newfoundland and Labrador Prescription Drug Program Claim DataTabular2015-09-28View File(s)
Net Debt as a % of GDPTabular2015-09-28View File(s)
Net DebtTabular2015-09-28View File(s)
Revenue Per CapitaTabular2015-09-28View File(s)
Surplus or DeficitTabular2015-09-28View File(s)
Newfoundland and Labrador Physician Supply ReportTabular2016-01-04View File(s)
Mining Companies and CommoditiesTabular2015-09-28View File(s)
Gross Value of Mineral ShipmentsTabular2015-09-28View File(s)
Adoption StatisticsTabular2016-01-11View File(s)
Charitable Gaming Lottery LicencesTabular2015-09-28View File(s)
Commercial Vehicles WeighedTabular2015-09-28View File(s)
Statistics on Tax Rebates, Refunds, Credits and Incentives Paid/Issued by Department of FinanceTabular2015-09-28View File(s)
Cash SpendingTabular2015-09-28View File(s)
ExpensesTabular2015-09-28View File(s)
Net Debt Per CapitaTabular2015-09-28View File(s)
Surplus or Deficit Per CapitaTabular2015-09-28View File(s)
Surplus or Deficit as a % of RevenueTabular2015-09-28View File(s)
Motor Registration Division SuspensionsTabular2016-05-31View File(s)
School Buses by Operator and Model YearTabular2016-05-31View File(s)
Number of Registered Vehicles and Licenced Drivers in Newfoundland and LabradorTabular2016-05-31View File(s)
Top 100 Baby NamesTabular2015-09-28View File(s)
Mineral Exploration StatisticsTabular2015-09-28View File(s)
Motor Registration Division Transaction StatisticsTabular2015-09-28View File(s)
Surplus or Deficit as % of GDPTabular2015-09-28View File(s)
Grant payments over $250,000 2014-2015Tabular2015-09-28View File(s)
Debt Expense as a % of GDPTabular2015-09-28View File(s)
Child Protection and In CareTabular2016-04-15View File(s)
Human Resources Statistics - Child, Youth and Family ServicesTabular2016-04-15View File(s)
Human Resources Training Statistics - Child, Youth and Family ServicesTabular2016-04-15View File(s)
Regulated Fuel PricesTabular2015-12-03View File(s)
Value of Annual Operating Grants provided to CYFS' Community PartnersTabular2016-05-27View File(s)
Number of Young Persons on Supervised Probation by MonthTabular2016-05-27View File(s)
Vaccine Distribution Report 2014-15Tabular2016-06-02View File(s)
Cash Related RevenuesTabular2015-09-28View File(s)
Births, Marriages and Deaths 2010-2014Tabular2016-06-09View File(s)
Isolated Electricity Systems in Newfoundland and LabradorTabular2016-11-10View File(s)